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Introducing Nuflux F-1 fluxing agent. A premelted complex oxide compound with low melting point and excellent fluxing ability. Nuflux F-1 is a low cost and safe alternative to existing fluxing agents. It can replace all or some of the following reagents:

1.Spar (calcium fluoride)

2.Sand (silica or quartz)

3.Calcium aluminate

4.Oxidized alloys or reagents (Al, Si)

The primary use of F-1 is to flux the ladle slag components, especially the lime, and create a fluid slag quickly. An ideal flux will dissolve lime but not dissolve the ladle lining, which is usually made of MgO products. Nuflux F1 has a chemistry that has large capacity to dissolve lime and remain liquid, but a resistance to staying liquid with increasing MgO. 

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